Our Engagement Models

Our years of experience working with the leading clients has helped us understand how business process automation, outsourcing, and integration can help your business succeed. Our people, processes [methodologies], technology expertise, business savvies and quality leadership takes the surprise out of IT automation and outsourcing.

We are setting benchmarks in execution excellence that have translated into measurable results for our clients.

workMETHODS provides all its IT solutions and services using a unique client-centric Global Engagement Model that offers the optimal mix of senior local resources with the cost, scale, and quality advantages of offsite operations for each of our clients.

  1. Fixed Price

    Ideal low-risk pricing option for you when requirements are clearly defined. We will quote certain price at the outset and all the services are carried out within that pricing framework.

  2. Time & Material

    Ideal for clients who themselves want to play a larger part in the execution. In this model, the pricing is determined based upon the number of resource hours required to deliver the services. This model is useful when scope, specification, and implementation plan are not easy to define e.g. during the initial phases of the project.

  3. Dedicated Resource Model

    In this model, we provide dedicated resources to work on your project or be the part of your development team or to establish your offshore development center. They work in our offices reporting directly to you on a daily basis.

Commitment beyond contract

Long-term investment in our clients

Building business partnerships

Learning and innovation

Ease of doing business

Engage our experts

Keep cost and quality always in focus

Ensure client participation

Set up checks and balances

Provide full visibility