Our Culture & Values

Our commitment to our customers, employees, shareholders, and society is to act with integrity at all times. This guides everything we do — the way we serve our clients and the work we do to help them build better businesses. We believe it is critical to maintaining the highest ethical standards. All company employees follow not only those policies set forth by our clients but also workMETHODS' comprehensive, strictly-enforced Core Values and Standards of Business Conduct.

  1. Customer Focus

    Our customers’ delight powers our success and exceeding customer expectations is our belief. No matter how big or small a project is, it will be delivered with the highest quality. Every associate knows that the customer is why we are here and that we place unwavering focus on customer satisfaction.

  2. Passion

    We Have a Collective Can-Do Attitude, with the Enthusiasm and Commitment to Go the Extra Mile. Everything we do at workMETHODS we do with passion — for our clients, our communities, and our organization. Each associate has the drive and commitment to do whatever it takes to help our customers succeed.

  3. Empowerment

    We define ourselves by our ability to deliver results. That means taking the initiative to find new ways to get the job done. We encourage end-to-end ownership, responsibility, accountability, and recognition. workMETHODS is entrepreneurial and fast-growing, offering numerous opportunities to shape our roles and our careers.

  4. Transparency

    workMETHODS is built on a foundation of open and honest communication. We believe the only way to ensure success for our clients and ourselves is to operate in a fully transparent manner. We encourage associates to listen to ideas and share feedback that can make us a better, stronger, more able company

  5. Integrity

    We never compromise on integrity and we take every decision accordingly. Integrity means doing the right things, always. Integrity also means that we treat our colleagues and clients with respect and value their opinions.