Warranty Data Warehouse


Our client, a large warranty underwriter, had data for 9 years for all warranty claims and service records for the assets under its warranty. This information was critical for business profitability.

However, this large data was available mostly on legacy AS400/DB2 server and Sybase RDBMS on Windows. The data models were not consistent across different warranty products and platforms. The data was redundant and data structures were not optimally normalized. The database design was suitable for OLTP and not for analysis and hence any data analysis needed 24+ hours for execution.

In short, valuable “data” could not be converted into “information”.

Our Solution

workMETHODS professionals analyzed the goals and objectives and laid out a plan to implement phased Oracle BI solution. We analyzed existing data as well as gathered requirements.

workMETHODS business analysts worked with client IT and business teams to design and finalize an enterprise schema. Based on this blueprint, workMETHODS devised a star-schema for the data warehouse. Moreover, we developed an ETL process to continuously feed data from OLTP systems to OLAP.

We also developed 25+ multi-dimensional reports and provided ad-hoc reporting capabilities. This solution allowed users to slice-and-dice information for their business needs.

For legacy data, workMETHODS used data-cleansing tool [Carleton] and web services while migrating data from AS400 and Sybase OLTP systems.

Enhanced Data Accuracy
Cleansed historical data and ETL process to migrate OLTP data increased the data quality.

Increased Transparency
Multi-dimensional star-schema based design provided users to analyze the data any way they want.

Big Picture View
Enhance quality and performance provided business easy and fast access to holistic, up-to-date reliable information. Data can be drilled across product lines and geographies.

Cost Savings
Through better analysis and trend studies, our client targets high service costs across products and assets and use this information to underwrite new warranties by maximizing profits. Moreover, potential fraud areas are easily identified through reports.
Single source of truth of BI data

Reduced data access time by 60%

Automated data cleansing to maintain high data quality

6 dimensional reporting

Personalized Executive dashboards

Allows to target high cost products and high risk assets

Web based secured distributed access

Scheduled report delivery
Business Objects
.NET 2.5
IT Turnkey Solution
workMETHODS developed a custom solution based on above technologies.