Single Sign-On


The client is the graduate business school associated with the University of Virginia. Our client faculty and staff use the SharePoint-based Case Management System [CM4] hosted over the cloud. In other words, CM4 is not implemented within the client’s IT Data Center [On-Premises].

Due to this, CM4 has different user ids and passwords for its users than our client has other On-Premises applications. Moreover, CM4 requires the user to enter the user id and password on several occasions. This has been a concern for the users. It has affected adaptability and ease-of-use.

Moreover, with hundreds of users, it was challenging to add/remove users as they join/leave the organization.

Our client would like CM4 to use the same user authentication as is used by its other on-premises applications. This will allow users to log in just once and have the same authentication as they have for most of the client’s applications.

Single Sign-On

Our Solution

To overcome the above issues, we implemented Single Sign-On by integrating cloud SharePoint and UVA’s on-premises Active Directory. Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication process in which a user is provided access to multiple applications and/or websites by using only a single set of login credentials (such as username and password).

This prevents the need for the user to log in separately into the different applications. Moreover, when the user leaves the organization and is removed from Active Directory, the user immediately loses access to CM4.

Following are key activities workMETHODS performed.

  • Work closely with the client’s IT team to allow CM4 to integrate with the client’s Active Directory.
  • Integrate CM4 Production with client’s Production Active Directory.
  • Move CM4 Production’s domain controller to separate server
  • Add appropriate users from client’s Active Directory to CM4 Production
  • Appropriately migrate all active records for workflows, tasks, document ownerships in various libraries, etc. to appropriate users.
  • Test the CM4 Production Single Sign-On
  • Execute all above steps for CM4 UAT Environment.
  • Test the CM4 UAT Single Sign-On

We also integrated our UAT and TEST sites into UVA’s respective Active Directories.

Enhanced Security

Lower chances of data breaches

Improved User Experience

Regulatory Compliance

Reduced IT Costs

Simplified Access Requests

Automated Provisioning

Guaranteed De-Provisioning

Advanced Role Lifecycle Mgmt.

Simplified Identity Certification

Simplified Web SSO


Mobile Authentication

Advanced Session Mgmt.

Identity Federation

Comprehensive Auditing