Trouble Ticketing System


Our client, a telemedicine device manufacturing division of a large pharmaceutical company, was managing customer complaints through a legacy ticketing system. This legacy ticketing system was not scalable to support the explosive growth and changing business model. Moreover, the legacy system was not integrated into the new system of record for customer and products data.

With magnificent growth in sales, the number of customer calls was increasing. The client wanted to maintain the same customer support team size to maintain the support cost.

The client decided to replace the legacy system with a new SharePoint-based ticketing system.

Our Solution

workMETHODS professionals analyzed the goals and objectives and laid out a plan for a phased implementation of the Microsoft SharePoint based ticketing system. Additionally, we recommended that this new system be integrated with an IVR system that could handle the calls, provide automated custom information to the callers, and route the calls appropriately. Accordingly, we designed, developed, tested, and deployed the new ticketing system. We also integrated a hosted IVR system into the new ticketing system.

The new system integrates with the SAP ERP system to automatically obtain customer and location information from the sales data. Moreover, the new system tracks trouble tickets as well as service records. Custom views are built to display appropriate queues to the users. Additionally, the historical data was cleansed and migrated to the new system.

workMETHODS also implemented AJAX to make ticket creation very easy. With AJAX, the new system automatically displays a list of customers when user types first 4 characters of the customer’s name. After selecting the customer, the location data is short-listed to the relevant locations. Based on the device serial number, the warranty information was automatically displayed.

workMETHODS integrated a hosted IVR system into the SharePoint Ticketing system. Through the IVR system, the callers create a new ticket, obtain status on a current ticket, or add details to an existing ticket. workMETHODS deployed custom web services to exchange data between both the systems. With advanced voice-to-text technology, customer’s voice recordings are converted to text and added to the ticketing system.

First Contact Resolution
Answer all customer inquiries and service issues quickly, accurately and consistently by phone, email or chat

Reduced Cost
Reduce workload significantly by offloading interactions to the web and voice self-service channels

Improved Productivity
Optimized productivity of the staff

Enhance Customer Experience
Proactively discover and address issues to enhance the customer experience. Leverage all service transaction across all channels to gain more actionable insight into customers

The system is compliant with FDA, HIPAA as well as 21 CFR Part 11.
Intuitive web and voice self-service
Customers can look at their tickets on website and check the status over the phone.

Effective customer communications
The solution sent emails at appropriate stages of the trouble tickets. This allowed customers to respond to any inquiries over email.

Streamlined operations
All product incident/tickets for all customers across all regions were centralized in this application.

Enhanced Collaboration
Sharepoint offered several collaboration options. Real-time chatting allowed customer support team members to share information.

Robust reporting and customizable dashboards
Each user had a customized dashboard which provided relevant information with just one mouse click.

Seamless integration with legacy systems

IVR Integration
System integrated with corporate IVR system to provide to-the-minute updates on LNP process to the customers calling into the call center
Sharepoint 2010
Windows 2008
.NET 3.0
IT Strategy
workMETHODS strategized the solution and technologies.

IT Turnkey Solution Development
workMETHODS developed a custom solution based on above technologies.

IT Managed Services
workMETHODS hosts the solution on its servers. We manage and monitor the servers. We provide email and phone-based application support.