IT Security Awareness


People impact security outcomes, much more than any technology, policy, or process. So long as technology-based security systems do not provide perfect protection, people play an undeniable role in an organization's overall security and risk posture.

This role is defined by both inherent strengths and weaknesses: people's ability to learn and their capacity for error.

End-user-focused security education and training is hence a need of time. Organizations need to help influence the security behaviors of people: employees, citizens and consumers.

Security Awareness Methodology

Our Solution

Our solution is bundled with innovative security education and behavior management CBT. In addition to a portfolio of CBT on traditional security awareness topics, we provide an effective anti-phishing solution that also supports simulated attacks through USB devices and SMS.

We provide extensive services in training, needs analysis, content development, CBT customization, and security essentials training for executives.

We provide guidance on curriculum scheduling based on continuous assessment, refinement, targeted education, and behavioral metrics to optimize retention of learned behaviors.

Security Awareness Education Platform

Continuous Training Methodology

Measurable Behavior Change Effectiveness

Business Intelligence

Unmatched Customer ROI

Purpose- Built, Data- Driven

Select the Security Awareness platform

Analyze key security awareness needs

Enable and establish a platform for 500 users

Execute awareness campaign based on analysis (Two per quarter)

Program Leadership


Managed Awareness Service

Customized Awareness Service