Hospital OPD Registration


Patient registration is significantly important before a hospital starts providing care. Capturing accurate and authentic information is critical to resolving any disputes in the future and delays in payments from insurance companies. A manual process of registration is time-consuming and prone to manual errors.

Our client, a large hospital, had to process around 1000 registrations on any given day manually. Each registration took 20-30 minutes as the nurse had to gather valid identification, pictures, thumbprints along with other patient details. The registration team was busy in almost 2 shifts registering new patients. However, there were significant lapses in the quality and accuracy of the data. The hospital was exposed to significant risk by not having complete and accurate patient record.

Our Solution

Our solution replaced the manual process with a patient self-registration kiosk which reduced the registration time from 20-30 minutes to 5 minutes [or less.]

We built a web-based registration solution that was linked with the government agency that validates the patient ids. The patient scans the identification card through a scanner. Our solution checks with the hospital's HIMS/ERP if the patient has been already registered. If the patient is a new patient, solution securely pulls patient details right from the agency's database and avoids any data entry.

The solution has a high-resolution camera that captures the patient's picture. The quality of the picture is checked to ensure it meets minimum standard.

Patient then holds the thumb against the fingerprint scanner. The solution automatically scans and stores patient's thumbprint.

Finally, the solution offers patient to pay the registration fee using his/her debit/credit card.

The solution prints a copy of the registration.

The solution transfers the data to the central HIMS [Healthcare Management Information System].

Enhanced productivity

Accurate patient data

Lower cost

100% web-based solution

Touch-screen enabled kiosk

Minimal data entry by the patient

Integration with backend ERP/HIMS

Tighter data validation

DotNetNuke CMS

SQL Server 2012

Windows 2012

PayPal / PayU

IT Strategy
workMETHODS strategized the solution and technologies.

IT Turnkey Solution Development
workMETHODS developed a custom solution based on above technologies.

IT Managed Services
workMETHODS hosts the solution on its servers. We manage and monitor the servers. We provide email and phone based application support.