Mobile Healthcare App


As healthcare professionals, caretakers, as well as patients become mobile, it is necessary for healthcare applications to take advantage of mobile devices to deliver information securely to the authorized audience.

Our client, a Fortune 50 healthcare company, wanted to launch a mobile application for securely sharing patient’s healthcare information over mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, and Android phones. Additionally, the client wanted to organize the health information with everything in one place, enter the data once and use it in several ways and gain insight with data that helps make informed decisions.

Our Solution

Our professionals analyzed the business and technical challenges. We proposed using Microsoft Healthvault as a central repository for storing patient’s healthcare information. We developed an easy-to-use application that can work on Blackberry, iPhone and Android phones. These mobile apps securely integrated with custom web services which interfaced with Microsoft Healthvault. For displaying attractive graphs, we integrated Google Analytics into the mobile app.

Moreover, we designed customized alerts that doctors and caretakers can set for each patient based on certain health parameters. These alerts were automatically triggered and delivered to the doctor(s) and caretaker(s) on their mobile devices.

Access Anywhere
Centralized health information storage with Microsoft HealthVault. This allowed users to access their health information from a browser from any other client.

Secured Access
Users could access health data using Windows Live ID and/or Open ID. This provided additional security.

Delegate Management
Patients controlled access to their health information in HealthVault. Patients could also selectively provide access to doctors and caretakers.
Enhanced adaptability due to enhanced usability through menu-driven navigation and context-sensitive menus.
Superiror Customer Support
With help of custom logging and Google Analytics, our solution provided log of all user interactions with apps. Hence, customer support was much easier.
Support for popular mobile platforms
Our app was deployed on Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

Mobile Graphs
The apps provide on-screen charts and graphs of health information.

Custom Alerts
Based on the health condition, alerts were pushed to patient's and/or care taker's mobile phones.

Intelligent Menus
The menus in the app were pushed to the app through web services. Hence, menus were displayed for only those health types which patient has signed up for.

Dynamic Help
Help provided on the app was pushed from the server. Hence, the help can be changed from the back office on the fly.
Android Mobile Platform
iPhone Mobile Platform
Blackberry Mobile Platform
Microsoft HealthVault
.NET 3.0
IT Turnkey Solution
workMETHODS developed a custom solution based on above technologies.
IT Managed Services
workMETHODS hosts the solution on its servers. We manage and monitor the servers. We provide email and phone based application support.