Interactive Voice Response System


Interactive Voice Response [IVR] Systems are around for several years. However, with the advent of the latest technologies in IVR, artificial intelligence can be built-in IVR solutions. Such IVR deployments can predict customer’s purpose of the call through predictive analysis and present answers faster.

Our client, a high-tech services company, had price competition pressures to reduce cost. With low margins and skyrocketing customer support costs due to the high-tech nature of the product, they had to find means to further reduce the customer support costs. Following were key challenges:

  • Reduce customer support costs
  • Maintain/Improve customer satisfaction
  • Phased implementation to access impacts of each improvements

Our Solution

Our professionals analyzed the business and technical challenges and deployed an IVR solution. workMETHODS built a predictive model to determine the purpose of the caller and presented answers faster. In 3 phases, workMETHODS implemented the IVR solution to provide incremental benefits. We integrated several back-office IT systems customer billing, ordering, provisioning, trouble ticketing, etc. into the IVR solution. This allowed customers to obtain information on their account, services, orders, trouble tickets, billing, etc. through IVR without even talking to an agent.

Beyond the stated requirements, we added a feature that allows customers to update Credit Card information through IVR. This enabled the client to collect the customer’s new credit card number before the CC expired with minimal effort. Thus, the revenue collection was also improved.

Our solution used a predictive model to determine the reason why the customer was calling and provide answer to the question. This reduced time customer stayed on the call and completed 30% of the requests before the call is transferred to the call center. Moreover, no manual intervention was required to maintain the data for the IVR system as the solution was tightly integrated into the back-end systems. Later, we added an important channel for the client to collect expiring credit card.

30% reduction in calls terminated at call center

100% ROI within less than a year.

Improved revenue recovery by allowing CC updates via IVR

Improved customer satisfaction by allowing customer of effectively self-serve

Enabled client to cross-sell new products and services to existing customers.
Artificial intelligence built through the predictive analysis presented appropriate information to the customer faster

Ease-of-management allowed implementing complex call flows. Call flows determined through the current customer status

Tight integration with back-end systems allowed automatic updates to appropriate systems and up-to-date information for the customers.
Cloud-based IVR Solution
Pentaho ETL
SQL Server 2003
IT Strategy
workMETHODS strategized the solution and technologies.

IT Turnkey Solution Development
workMETHODS developed a custom solution based on above technologies.