Bill Presentation & Payment


Hospital bill verification and payment are always a big concern for patients and hospitals. Patients want to verify the bills and get details. They want to understand what payments are covered by their insurance if any. Hospitals are in rush to discharge the patients and make the bed ready for the next patient.

However, consolidating bills from the hospital's various departments such as labs, radiology, pharmacy, IPD, etc. takes significant time. At times, patients have to visit these departments and verify and pay the bills independently.

At our client, a large hospital, this was very frustrating for patients. They too lost revenue as patient's discharge takes much longer.

Our Solution

Our solution integrated several billing systems and presented a consolidated bill under patient's account on the hospital's website.

We built an integration hub to pull billing data from each department's billing system to consolidate the bills for a patient. Patients can log in to the hospital's website and securely see their bills. Patients can then drill down the bills to see the details. Patients can also mark line items that they have questions about.

Patients can pay the bills with their debit/credit card on the website without going to each department. Patients can setup recurring payments.

All the payments were posted back to individual billing systems.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Faster Patient Discharge

Lower Cost

100% web-based solution

Online payment through PayPal or PayU

Increased visiblity for the patient

Integration with backend ERP/HIMS

DotNetNuke CMS

Pentaho Integration

SQL Server 2012

Windows 2012

PayPal / PayU

IT Strategy
workMETHODS strategized the solution and technologies.

IT Turnkey Solution Development
workMETHODS developed a custom solution based on above technologies.

IT Managed Services
workMETHODS hosts the solution on its servers. We manage and monitor the servers. We provide email and phone-based application support.