Case Management System


Darden Business School of the University of Virginia is the second-largest creator of business cases and educational material. With several thousand business cases, books, technical notes, simulations, etc., managing the content creation, editing, and approvals of such a large collection of content is very challenging. Without a proper case management solution, coordinating activities between several participants manually is very difficult and labor-intensive. Moreover, a different type of content as well as the type of change requires a different process. Without a proper tool, the editors are left with very few workflow options that make the process inefficient.

Moreover, managing the tasks for each individual was challenging. Using yellow sticky notes, whiteboards, Outlook reminders, etc. was a sure recipe for failure. Tracking the performance of team members, activities, identifying the training needs, etc. was impossible. Transactional reports and statistical reports were hand-crafted and had inaccuracies.

Our Solution

Our solution is a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 based custom Case Management System. Our solution manages the content right from the creation until it is approved and available for sale. Administrators can define workflow templates as well as the tasks, durations, assignments, and dependencies. For each content entering the editing process, Editors assign workflow templates. Our solution automatically calculates the start and end dates for each task. Once the workflow is approved by the approver, the solution shepherds the content through the entire process based on the workflow template.

Our solution effectively manages the tasks. Tasks are appropriately assigned to responsible individuals. Reminders are sent to ensure timely completion. Once the task is completed, the solution assigns the subsequent task. Dates are dynamically adjusted. Task history is stored for reporting and performance analysis.

Metadata is key to any content. Our solution gathers metadata values from designated individuals and groups. The solution allows the administrator to configure metadata requirements dynamically based on product and content type. Accordingly, the solution manages the collection and management of metadata. Appropriate tasks are assigned. Moreover, the final content is not submitted for approval unless all required metadata is available.

Each user has a personalized dashboard that displays information required by the user. Current tasks, relevant content, charts, reports, etc. on the dashboard make users more productive. Our solution provides site search and displays results based on user permissions.

Enhanced productivity

Improved control over the process

Increased predictability

Lowered cost of ownership

Better adoption through user-friendly interfaces

Full featured 100% web-based workflow automation with easy administration

Customizable workflows

Tracking task assignments with dependencies, delegations, auto-date calculations, etc.

Version control of content

Metadata management with field-level granular permissions

Content dependencies and relationships management

Integration with Content Conversion and Distribution system

Managing 10,000+ content

Content, Workflow and/or Resource performance current and historical reports

Usage reporting for fine tuning and training

Highly available and scalable solution

Sharepoint 2013

SQL Server 2013

Windows 2012

SQl Server Reporting Services [SSRS]

Custom Web Parts

IT Strategy
workMETHODS strategized the solution and technologies.

IT Turnkey Solution Development
workMETHODS developed a custom solution based on above technologies.

IT Managed Services
workMETHODS hosts the solution on its servers. We manage and monitor the servers. We provide email and phone-based application support.