Application Management


Many organizations still manage their application processes manually. Managing applications, forms, supporting documents, approvals, timely communication with the applicant, etc. through a manual process is expensive. In the case of typical application processing, employees have to handle several thousand applications within a short time. Each application has to be manually verified, evaluated, and forwarded for decision making. At times, though the application itself may be electronically submitted, many organizations handle such submitted documents manually.

Moreover, the applications have to be properly archived and stored for audit / reference / regulation / etc. Secure access to these applications via mobile devices is important to make employees productive.

Our Solution

Our Application Management solution provides a highly configurable, robust, secure automated platform for any application process. From application initiation to a decision and beyond, our solution lets you track, review, and manage multiple applications simultaneously through a web interface. Each type of application may have a different customizable workflow. Solution administrators may define several workflows through the web interface and apply business rules. Our solution provides a customizable portal for each user to stay informed, conduct their business, and collaborate effectively at each step on the way. For example, in case of a college application process, our solution can automate full enrollment life cycle including application and document submission, CAS integration, Payment Processing, Screening, Interview, Review, and Final Decision Status (Accept/Decline).

Our best-in-class encryption enables secure collection of sensitive data such as credit card numbers, security numbers, etc.

Role based access provides the ability to assign read-only, limited or full access based on various customizable roles such as administrator, faculty, student, reviewer, committee member.

Real time calendar functionality provides easy and fast scheduling functionality to match applicants and interviewers, set deadlines, reminders, rescheduling and sending automated emails very efficiently and without any staff assistance.

Data Analytics tool provides charts, graphs, dashboards and reports for gathering, filtering and evaluating the applicant pool based on query searches thus identifying year to year trends and strong predictive analysis based on current and historical data.

The solution is 100% web-based. It is compatible with all industry-standard browsers. Hence, it can be accessed with the use of any standard browser using a desktop as well as any mobile device [iPad, iPhone, Android Tablets, Android phones, etc.]

The solution is available On Cloud as well as On-Premises. It can be integrated with your backend system through web services as well as custom integrations.

We can get you started with our solution in less than 4 weeks!

Enhanced productivity

Improved control over the process

Lower cost of ownership

Better solution adoption

Improved Communication

Fully featured 100% cost effective web-based workflow automation of the processes

Highly configurable, flexible and scalable centralized solution for entire Student Application life cycle

Customizable dashboards, charts and reports based on current and historical data for statistical and predictive analysis in real-time and auto-delivered at pre-defined schedules

Improved collaboration between faculty, administrators, staff, reviewers and applicants

Real-time calendar functionality for submission, processing, status tracking, scheduling, reminders, deadlines

Best-in-class encryption methods

Seamless Integration with legacy systems as well as Microsoft Office

SharePoint 2013

Windows 2012 R2 Servers

SQL Server 2012

SQL Server Reporting

IT Strategy
workMETHODS strategized the solution and technologies.

IT Turnkey Solution Development
workMETHODS developed a custom solution based on above technologies.

IT Managed Services
workMETHODS hosts the solution on its servers. We manage and monitor the servers. We provide email and phone-based application support.