Network Inventory Management

Telecom companies are attempting to improve their network coverage to keep up with the customer demands. In densely populated cities, companies are launching small cells [Pico, eFemto, MiniMacro, etc.] to further improve the network coverages in malls, public venues, buildings, etc. As these deployments are expected to be low-cost deployments and have a comparatively faster pace, traditional IT systems built for larger site deployments become expensive. Hence, there is a need an agile solution to meet the demands of such deployments.


The Challenge

Our client planned to launch Pico and Mini-Macro cells to expand its data coverage. It wanted to database the network inventory into its traditional Network management system. However, the cost of databasing small cells and modifying the existing systems for this purpose could not be justified. Hence, the client wanted to build an agile, yet robust, interim inventory management system to database all the network devices and circuits at the small cell sites.

Our Solution

workMETHODS designed and built an innovative network management solution to satisfy the above business requirement. The solution is integrated into eight upstream systems to gather data at various stages of the site. The solution also interfaces with the Element Management System from Nokia, Ericsson, and Airspan to perform network discovery. The workflow engine also supported service order. User Interface provided users to search, update manually the inventory as well as execute reports. This system also provided data to the downstream systems.

Presently, the solution manages the inventory for 65,000+ sites which have 300,000+ devices and circuits. This custom solution was built within 3 months! This system also has provided a solid foundation for the client to build its next-generation network inventory system.

Key Benefits

  • Low cost solution
  • Adaptable solution
  • Savings of 4-5MM USD
  • 98% data accuracy
  • Integrated service ordering
  • Integrated network discovery

Key Features

  • Asynchronous data capture from several systems of records to centralize data.
  • Robust audit trails to track the various updates and changes to the network
  • Provides data for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Choice of right technologies to improve performance.
  • Provides real-time data to downstream systems improving the service assurance
  • Well-designed EMS interfaces are easily configurable for new network devices
  • Integrated service ordering automates 80% of service orders
  • Integration with Synchronoss supporting ASOG and non-ASOG orders.
  • Many more...

Key Technologies

  • .NET for UI
  • Oracle 12/PL-SQL
  • Pentaho Data Integration
  • Pentaho Reports


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