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In a competitive marketplace, marketing becomes critical than ever. Companies spend a fortune to reach potential customers. Marketing campaigns ensure increased customer awareness of the company’s products and services. However, companies fail to accurately target the audience. Hence, marketing dollars are wasted.

The Challenge

Our client, a fast-growing financial services company, wanted to reduce marketing expenditure by accurately targeting potential customers. The tools that the marketing team had were limited to a few marketing list databases and demographic selectors. These tools were desktop-based and hence could not be accessed remotely. Hence, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns was limited. Moreover, the marketing list databases were not updated frequently enough. Our client was focused more on direct mail for marketing rather than latest digital marketing.

This resulted in:

  • Ever increasing marketing expenditure
  • Reduced effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Marketing staff productivity was limited due to technological limitations of the tools
  • Slower sales growth

Our Solution

Our professionals analyzed the business and technical challenges, analyzed several solutions, integrated and customized a comprehensive marketing automation solution to address above challenges.

Key solution features included:

  • Web based map-and-click automation system that used Google Maps to display targeted marketing geography.
  • ZIP code and US Postal Service carrier routes overlayed onto Google Maps to accurately pinpoint the targeted marketing list
  • Integrated marketing databases such as Experian, ADVO, Acxiom, D&B, etc.
  • Provided 20+ demographic selectors for consumers as well as business target marketing lists
  • Easy-to-use web-based interface allowed secured access anywhere, anytime.
  • Automated approval workflow
  • Integrated with campaign management system
  • Extensive reporting through a dashboard
  • Many more…….

Key Benefits

  • Reduced marketing cost by 15%
  • Improved campaign effectiveness
  • Increased the accuracy of marketing lists by implementing real-time web service access to proven databases.
  • Enhanced staff productivity by providing easy-to-use tool accessible 24×7
  • Lowered cost of ownership
  • Lowered total cost of ownership [TCO] by using offshore development resources


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