Are Open Source Applications Matured?

Open source concept, though, an accomplished means of carrying out work operations presently, was not easily let in the mainstream arena when it first arrived. We are talking of the times when the traditional way of software execution was the norm. The technological community was rather skeptical about its basic usability, apart from the other probable issues. However, things changed for better over time and currently, we have hordes of open source applications serving the comprehensive business community in varied aspects.

So, now, is it right to say, “Open Source Applications are adequately matured and ready”?

The Open Source Journey

A majority of early customized implementations were deployed using the ‘then-available-software-components’ as a base, following typical methods and particular patterns. Steadily, the picture altered to introduce open source architectural components into the scenario, where anyone could pick a component, build upon it, and suffice a typical set of specifications. Those days, applications were customized to align to certain expectations, considering its functionality, operation, and aesthetics. However, not everyone was impressed by these open source software components. There were quite a few who wouldn’t adapt to these newer ways of the framework. They continued to prefer the traditional ways over these. The major reasons for the lukewarm acceptance were the usual ones. First of all, the open-source concept was new, and just catching up, and secondly, there were particular apprehensions, regarding its security, support, and stability. Though the functionality enhancement and cost factor attracted, the other features repelled the majority of buyers. The conditions changed when the open-source components finally matured to have popular applications built on them. These were tamper-proof, tough and utility-rich solutions, which vied a parallel space along with the conventional applications in the market.

And today, we are in the age of open source applications, which seem to have realized their optimum potential. But hold on, the premise proves good only in certain conditions.

What is it that fuels a robust deployment in the open-source application domain?

While the wide suite of open source applications like the NOPCOMMERCE, OTRS, SUGARCRM, PENTAHO, and others, are now a big part of our systems, there still seems a small apprehension towards total acceptance. And, for the most part of it, the concern is around know-how, services, and support. Even then, the relevant statistics point towards a staggering number of open source deployments in the present business IT infrastructure. Thus, open-source is here to stay. It is busy replacing the traditional solutions, thereby contributing strongly to the strategic initiatives of a business.

WorkMETHODS has been serving ‘state-of-the-art’ open-source systems for years now. We have successfully deployed- Trouble Ticketing system for 1000+ concurrent users with over 1M+ transactions, customer care portals with several integrations, varied CRM solutions, and B2B integrations, to mention just a few of our works. We have been successful in fending off the usual concerns through our cost-effective, timely, and reliable open-source implementations. Our clients do not nurse any apprehensions as they receive a prompt and fitting technical support.

Finally, it is time we say open source applications are indeed matured and, deliver the due advantages- the modular nature and the associated cost factor without any ‘if’ or a ‘but’. Our clients are happy using the latest features and comprehensive support and, we are contented that we are one of the active participants of matured open source technologies.


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