Got Sharepoint? Are you one of them?

Are you one of them?

Almost 78% of Fortune 500 businesses have been using SharePoint. With the advent of Office 365 and Microsoft’s Sharepoint licensing, Sharepoint is within reach of SMBs These companies consider SharePoint as a great platform that plays a pivotal role in their business growth. Why? Why SharePoint is the preferred choice for these companies? The reason can be summed up in one sentence – SharePoint is extremely flexible, efficient and works in multiple ways – it’s a collaboration platform, a strong foundation for customized enterprise applications and websites, a platform for common resources and has much more unexplored potential.

Do You Use SharePoint to Its Fullest Capabilities?

Many are yet to exploit SharePoint’s fullest potential and flexibility. In other words, businesses are not maximizing the return on investment already made. By storing a few critical documents and launching a basic collaboration, most businesses use Sharepoint for basic tasks.

However, implementing several business-critical applications is easily possible with help from the right partner like workMETHODS. Within just weeks and with a limited budget, robust applications can be implemented using SharePoint. Moreover, such applications can generate an ROI in less than 6 months. Here are few applications workMETHODS implemented for its clients.

Marketing Content Automation

Our application at Fannie Mae saves $650K/year in licensing costs! Within weeks, we implemented a marketing automation system using their own SharePoint to replace an over-priced SaaS solution.

Content Conversion and Distribution

Our Sharepoint-based conversion and distribution solution has reduced the processing time from 1 week to 10 minutes for the University of Virginia. Through our 100% web-based highly configurable solution, we convert approved content in several formats and distribute to for top-ranked state universities like Harvard, Stanford and other publishing houses like McGraw Hill and Wiley and Sons.

Additionally, we implemented a Case Management System to handle 10,000+ pieces of educational content. This was done in a matter of weeks.

Project Management and Reporting

We implemented a custom SharePoint based centralized Project Management and Reporting solution to provide up-to-date program and project information to all stakeholders. Our SharePoint – based Project Management and Reporting tool characterized a definitive milestone at Ericsson. In the first 6 months, Ericsson started managing over 60 large projects and further implementations which expanded this to 120+ projects.

Ticketing System

The challenges faced by a large pharmaceutical company to manage customer complaints were handled through Microsoft SharePoint based Ticketing System integrated with IVR to handle and route calls, provide automated custom information to the callers.

How workMethods Can Help You?

We work with you to understand your business challenges and discuss how SharePoint-based solutions can assist you to address business challenges. As a Microsoft Partner as well as extensive experience in SharePoint solutions, workMETHODS can provide cutting-edge turnkey solutions within weeks.

Moreover, workMETHODS hosts and manages Sharepoint for you. With 99.99% availability and 24×7 support, your mission-critical application will be in good hands.

Reap the runaway success with SharePoint – enriched with greater functionality and enhanced capabilities.


workMETHODS is a global software and consulting services company. With the right blend of people, processes, and products, we have delivered results to several Fortune 500 as well as start-ups. We will assist you to fundamentally rethink and redesign how your organization will meet its strategic objectives.

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