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The market is brimming with offers presenting various options to choose from the e-commerce platform arena in order to suit your individual needs, and, making an apt selection is by no means an easy decision. Each e-commerce platform is similar to the others in the clan, and yet unique in its own way. It is tedious to investigate and figure out a platform that can enable us in a preferred fashion to suffice all our intents.

Which one would make my job easy?

At some or the other time, E-store hosts are accosted with the task of choosing a suitable e-commerce platform for their precise requirements. I am sure; everyone would agree that there are, indeed, a number of parameters to gauge with respect to the abilities, suitability, and competence while choosing the “perfect” e-commerce platform. E-store sites, existing in the market, are bugged with a horde of issues regarding popularity, selling success, and effective management, making it complex and time-consuming to manage one. If we talk about the most-loved and much-in-demand university e-storefronts, they have been with us for a while now and are very much a part of our life. They offer the quintessential motivation to the studying population and of course, very apparently, help the ex-students remember and reconnect. However, all said and done, the issue persists, “Is it easy to manage an e-store effectively by putting in a minimum amount of effort and expense?”

Are there any new ones to suit my needs?

Most of the university-e-stores have been doing their chores with general e-commerce platforms, which have limited capabilities to align adequately to the requisites of such a specialty. This negatively impacts the extent of usage of the e-store. Moreover, such e-stores are hardly ever used to their absolute potential. This has, primarily, more to do with the employed e-commerce platform rather than other issues. Many of the e-commerce platforms do not allow easy additions to the e-stores leading to discontent in the users. Most importantly these do not enable effective integration with other systems, like accounting application, which is an imperative part of easy and efficient store management. People working with such platforms are hassled and disillusioned to the extent of averting them altogether. This brings us to a discussion for the solution to the critical issue of the essentially indispensable features of an e-commerce platform. Universities, trying to make a difference in the lives of their students and alumni through their portals would most certainly be able to benefit from a more viable and useful e-commerce platform.

A know-all, do-all and check-all platform for your e-store

The e-commerce platform offered by the workMETHODS comes to a quick rescue. WorkMETHODS is a company involved in providing software solutions to diverse client needs in the e-stores domain. Being an old player, it has successfully deployed a variety of applications ranging from the e-store University of Virginia, allowing a quick, simple, and easy operation of the store. The platform has naturally garnered interest, since it offers the most sought-after solution with new capabilities, along with all the regular ones, bestowing a complete and fresh perspective.

WorkMETHODS presents a platform that seamlessly integrates the e-stores to other software applications like the accounting or the sales, and others in the league, rendering it super easy for operation. That’s not all though! It provides for efficient and fast additions, products and others, to the portal, taking the burden off the chore. Again, that’s not all; the platform also allows the e-store products to be sold on commercial e-commerce portals like amazon.com or even be auctioned on the popular e-bay. The indirect advantages of using such a platform multiply over time and come to the fore, once you start using it, for example, you might notice a sharp, considerable drop in the expenses while conducting the e-stores. The integration abilities facilitate the efficient functioning of the storefront and, in effect, lead to reduced time, energy and expenses in the maintenance of the e-stores. It almost doubles or in some cases even quadruples the reach and popularity of the e-store by opening up new channels of sales.

An expert and an innovative team like workMETHODS would be able to help you with optimum customization of e-commerce platforms enabling maximum and seamless use of it.

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