Carrier Rate Management System?

The Challenge

Presently, telecom service providers work with multiple carriers to optimize the costs. However, carrier and their rate management becomes an overly complex manual task.

Providers want visibility into their carrier costs for each route to develop competitive prices while optimizing their profitability. Several providers lack such visibility.

Right information helps providers to negotiate better prices with their carriers. Providers win when carriers compete.

Providers want to provide custom prices to their customers by analyzing customer’s traffic patterns. However, the absence of such tool limits providers to standard prices.



Carrier Rate Management System [CRMS] addresses ALL above challenges and provides much more features and intelligence to the providers.

In a nutshell, CRMS allows you to effectively manage CARRIER RATES.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced process time from 1 week to 15 minutes!
  • Increased revenue two-fold within first year
  • Automated provisioning process to reduce cycle from 45 days to 12 days
  • Reduced call volume by 30% by deploying innovative IVR System
  • Integrated Google Maps, USPS Data, and Marketing data real-time using AJAX to increase accuracy and reduce marketing costs
  • Deployed largest intranet portal to 120,000 users
  • Deployed least cost routing system handling 300 calls/sec. Saves $350K/year
  • Reduced IT support costs by 40% by managed outsourced IT infrastructure for a large company
  • Many More……

CRMS Features

  • Upload carrier rate sheets in any CSV/XLSX layout
  • Upload domestic as well as international rates
  • Normalize rate sheets by comparing with LERG or similar master code list
  • Export any individual rate sheet in predefined format
  • Generate least cost rate files for switches by optionally preselecting carriers
  • Export any prices [sell list] in any predefined format
  • Manage call completion, call quality and other factors to calculate least-cost rates
  • Upload and rate CDRs based on a list of carrier rate sheets to analyze carrier rate change impacts and costs.
  • Prepare internal comparative analysis to determine the least cost carriers for each route. This analysis provides the first 3 least cost carriers for each route.
  • Prepare external comparative analysis that presents the rate position of the selected carrier for all the routes in comparison with other carrier rates.
  • Generate customer price list [sell list] by adjusting margins, markups, customer types, discounts, etc. across all carriers or to individual routes. Select carriers and rate sheet types to prepare the price list. Limit routes per customer to prepare customized price list.
  • Manage customers and price lists
  • Analyze customer/prospect CDRs to provide predictive costs based on calculated price list.
  • 100% Web-based interface and highly customizable solution
  • Powerful search
  • Handles accuracy/precision up to 6 decimal places [a.k.a 0.000001]
  • Optimized for superior performance.
  • Built using market proven .NET and SQL Server technologies
  • High availability and reliability. For years, the availability is over 99%.
  • UI available for most of the administration activities such as archive and restore rate sheets and price lists, file management, LERG [Master Code List] management, etc.


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