Content Workflow Automation


Paperless business leads to more electronic content. Electronic content includes business forms, agreements, contracts, manuals, legal documents, multimedia, business cases, news articles, and many more. Business processes/workflows related to such electronic content needs to be automated to enhance productivity and ensure accuracy


Our client, a #1 ranked state University, experienced an increase in electronic content including business cases, exercises, technical notes, etc. Each content had to undergo a rigorous review and approval process to ensure accuracy and timeliness. Keeping track of increasing content through legacy systems and spreadsheets was very challenging. This resulted in:

Lower employee productivity

Unpredictability of content readiness

Lack of control over the process

Our Solution

Our professionals analyzed the business and technical challenges and proposed a custom SharePoint 2013 based solution.

Few key solution features are:

100% web-based solution with customizable workflows

Content and Metadata management with granular permissions

Extensive reporting

Enhanced productivity

Improved control over the process

Increased predictability

Lowered cost of ownership

Better adoption through user-friendly interfaces

 Lowered cost of ownership

Full featured 100% web-based workflow automation with easy administration

Customizable workflows

Tracking task assignments with dependencies, delegations, auto-date calculations, etc.

Version control of content

Metadata management with field-level granular permissions

Content dependencies and relationships management

Integration with Content Conversion and Distribution system

Managing 10,000+ content

Content, Workflow and/or Resource performance current and historical reports

Usage reporting for fine tuning and training

Highly available and scalable solution

Email reminders

SharePoint 2013 Enterprise

Windows 2012 Servers

SQL Server 2012

SQL Server Reporting

IT Strategy
workMETHODS strategized the solution and technologies.

IT Turnkey Solution Development
workMETHODS developed a custom solution based on above technologies.

IT Managed Services
workMETHODS hosts the solution on its servers. We manage and monitor the servers. We provide email and phone-based application support.